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What is the Future of India’s PCD Pharmacy Franchise in 2021?

Did you know that the Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly with a CAGR of 15%? Yes, and there you have it, according to the statistics of various pharmaceutical experts, your investment in a pharma franchise will be very profitable.

Many of us don’t know what drug companies and PCD really mean. Today, however, the scenario is very different and the PCD pharma franchise is the backbone for developing and sustaining the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Let’s see how good the franchise will do in 2021.

Get to Know the Business Model:

In addition to the ever-growing value of CAGR, freedom and flexibility are two main advantages of a pharma franchise company. This allows you to work at your own pace, market solutions, promote your business, and improve your plans. In addition, the industry itself is growing rapidly. Hence, the last person to enter this area of ​​business will be looking for big wins in the years to come!

Growing Industry: Employment Opportunities are Great:

About 30% of India’s population is still found. Aiming at this very large market, the pharmaceutical industry’s demand for PCD is very high. By incorporating this population into mass business, the business can provide good job opportunities for many people.

And best of all, don’t conclude that this industry will only grow in the next two or three years, but will continue to grow and capitalize on its benefits over the next few years. Because the PCD Pharma sector is projected to grow 22% before 2025.

Get a Profitable Business Plan:

Pharmacy workers are believed to have to leave their jobs to complete their work. With the PCD Pharma franchise:

  • You can run a business right from the city you are in.
  • You can also get the best returns with minimal investment. Low investment capital is the biggest bonus in this sector.
  • Last but not least, as a dealer or pharmacist, you can easily access other franchise companies via the Internet.

The PCD Franchise business will be the first choice for pharmaceutical professionals for the next few years!

Take a look at the different areas available-

Unlike regular business channels, there are many options here. You can choose from one of the following options for your next PCD storage:

  • Stockiest
  • A chain pharmacy
  • Surgical distributor
  • General Medicine distributor
  • Nutritional supplement distributor
  • C&F (Freight Forwarder and Freight Forwarder)
  • OTC (over-the-counter) distributor
  • Distributor of Unani / Ayurvedic / herbal / homeopathic medicines.


With high returns, good flexibility, increased CAGR and better job opportunities, the pharma and PCD franchise will have a bright future as a business. Make sure you are investing the right value for the next big franchise model! Contact Innovexia if you need assistance or business assistance during your trip. Call the team on +91–9988–880–388 for details needed to maximize PCD franchise opportunities.